The Garnestone

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The people of Capriath were once free. There was a social order; the general populace, a gentry, and a monarchy. For centuries, Capriath had remained peaceful. However, when the Sorceress Aubrielle Calett murdered her parents and seized the throne, everything changed. She enslaved her subjects, raised the dead into an army using black magic, and cast the land of Capriath into darkness.

Kagan Greyrose was a normal Capriathan before discovering that she is the keeper of the Garnestone, a stone rumored to give power, immortality, and ultimate authority to its rightful vessel. Unfortunately for Kagan, the tyrannical Empress Calett has been searching for the Garnestone for years, and is determined to execute anyone who stands between her and eternal power. In order to end the Empress’s tyranny, Kagan must align herself with the most unlikely of allies, and learn to accept her destiny.


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The Garnestone

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Expressive, dramatic, AND subtle.
Karlan writes for any character. I feel each personality intimately and the dialogue is perfectly balanced. Pages are going by without blinking, I’m so into it, and the moods just linger when I close the book.
John Xarras – June 6th 2014

Couldn’t Put It Down
This is a must read for fantasy fans – a page turner from start to finish. It’s fast paced, has fantastic dialogue, engaging characters, and just enough suspense to keep you reading late into the night.
Amy Swift – June 6th 2014

Fun Fantasy
Very fun fantasy. Lots of complicated characters to get involved with and enjoy, humans and creatures alike. Intricate plot that weaves through elaborate world-building. Lots of imagination in this story. Many twists and turns that will keep readers on their toes, and a surprise ending I didn’t see coming! A great adventure, especially for fantasy lovers.
Loves Book – August 1st 2014

I devoured it!
A wonderful book written by an exciting new talent. I couldn’t put the book down and I can’t wait
to read the next book.
Brian Mann – June 29, 2014

A magical tour into the kingdom of Capriath
The Garnestone is a wonderful, magical tour into the kingdom of Capriath. The author literally makes you feel as though you are right there with the colorful group of characters. The play of good versus evil makes this book a real page turner. I highly recommend it.
Beth Donowho – June 25th 2014

Incredible, delightful read!
As a professional writer myself, I can unabashedly say this book is not only well-written, it is intriguing, endearing, and riveting. If you are looking for an entertaining yet deep reading experience that will leave you fulfilled and awed, pick this book up today. This was a refreshing experience for me as I usually stick to the classics but this emerging author had me glued to the story from the first chapter onward. Can’t wait for your next one.
Elizabeth Hethera – June 16th 2014



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